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Please include your VIN if applicable, this will make addressing your enquiry faster.

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Your authorised dealer is the place to go for everything related to your bike. They can help you with any information you may require about all of the models that are available. Alternatively, please fill out the model enquiry form and we will pass your enquiry onto your local dealership.

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Please use our dealer locator to find your nearest dealership.

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Your authorised dealer is the place to go for everything related to buying. They can help you with getting a price on a new bike, obtaining finance, buying spare parts and getting your scheduled servicing completed.

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We do not sell parts directly to owners. Your authorised dealer is the best place to purchase genuine spare parts for your bike. Be sure to have your model name and VIN (17 digit vehicle identification number) before you contact them. They will work out the part numbers for you.

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Your authorised dealer is your best option for scheduled servicing. Remember that they are the only people in the loop for service bulletins to improve your bike and install the latest software updates to optimise the performance of your bike.

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Please use the below form to action a change of ownership

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Q1. Where can I go for technical and warranty support?

Your dealer is your first point of contact for matters relating to technical support or to seek repairs under warranty. They have a direct line of communication with our team and will address your issues.

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Q2. Can any motorcycle dealer undertake repairs under warranty?

No, they can't because they do not have the training or a trading relationship in Australia. You are entitled to make your own choice of repairers for scheduled servicing, however it is important to understand that if the non-authorised dealer does not have the latest information about your bike and they may fail to undertake a vital directives. This may influence your ability to claim a warranty repair.

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Q3. I have already visited the dealer but I still need the assistance

This is a special service and to address your enquiry in the best way possible, it is imperative that you fill out the information on the following form.

IMPORTANT: before you go further you will need the name of your current servicing dealer (relating to the current issue), to verify the current location of the bike and provide the VIN (17 digit vehicle identification number). These are all mandatory information fields.

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Please use this form to contact us for business to business enquiries. This might include promotional purchases for fundraising or becoming a dealer.

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